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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

Nicely done game

A really beatiful game, really enjoyed this one, keep the awesome work!

Let's Shift Again

I was excited to be playing the latest incarnation of Shift. Unfortunately, the experience is marred by how glitchy the game gets. Keys and rotation objects don't always trigger when you touch them, the game often lags, and occasionally the game dumps you back to the menu after completing a level in the middle of a chapter. Were it not for these frequent bugs, I would have gladly given this a better score. But as it stands, I would have preferred to wait longer to play a game that runs more smoothly than this.


it was an alright game except it randomly froze on me when i went to change directions and all i would have to do is quit one level and then go again and i somehow completed the chapter? fix this and itll b great


thanks it was cool but hard

this is G!

This be too hard! But its fun so im still gonna give it a 10