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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

Cool game

There's a game called alt Shift, Similar to this one

BUt anyways this game rocks


yeah, its fine and such, but other than that the lag in the minigames is terrible. in the slider minigame, the blocks can lag and the timer just keeps on ticking.

Great game

I started playing this game in hopes of finding new challenges and additional features compared to the older Shift titles. I was not disappointed. Not by a long shot.

The game play was fluid and the puzzles were mind-bending enough to challenge me, but not obscenely difficult either. I especially like the incorporation of box-pushing and shifting. It added to the already great game series that I hoped would continue into this one. In addition, I enjoyed some of the extra little mini-games thrown in. They're not required to progress, but rather there to expand upon the game.

However, despite these positive points, I must also agree with my fellow gamers about the lag that seems to pop up more often than not. I played the game as far as I could and honestly didn't experience any lag at all. That is... until I tried the mini-games. During my play of the "challenge" slider, I noticed the pieces would hesitate quite a bit before responding to my button presses. At one point, one of the pieces even left the screen, something I don't think was intended.

All in all, it's a great addition to the Shift franchise (since you're charging for certain versions), albeit different in a few aspects, including graphics. I just wish that the lag would stop long enough for me to beat level 2-9 without dying to spikes placed below a turn panel.


I think I said this before...

The game is, besides the lag, buggy as hell. I could access all the levels without even beating the second chapter. Also, as I said when you released AltSHIFT, there is no humour compared with the previous games (Where is the timer?).

If you can, please, make a final edition of SHIFT with the classic characters, where they finally defeat the prof; the original professor was way more meany than this one. Also, I don't like the style of the cutscenes, mainly because of the lag too...

However, the levels are way more difficult than in any other edition of SHIFT and that gives it a good point. Also, I loved the boss fight, a bit simple but innovating. But the bugs ruin it.

TL;DR: Bring back the classic style of SHIFT and finish the saga with a great game, with timer, jokes, original characters and add the new elements of the puzzles and the boss battle. You will make a masterpiece.

Too much lag

Good game, as usual, but I can't give it a full recommendation because of the lag. It makes the jumping portions of the game extremely tedious.

I've also seen a glitch where your guy can disappear suddenly while dragging one of the blocks.

It seems like whenever someone comes up with an interesting game idea, they feel the need to add more and more stuff in the sequels. I think in many of these cases the simplicity of the original game was part of its appeal, and the extra stuff just bogs it down.