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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"


Well I liked the game

But though that, besides the cutscenes, there was a lack of difficulty that was present in the others and some levels in this game where pretty straight forward

about the glitch

In the level "The Tank!" on chapter 3
I was doing it and when I pushed the block it started to flash and at my first try it disappeared and I ran through it and fell to the ground.
This time I pushed it slowly.
It seemed to form a pattern so I tough "Oh a disappearing cube!"
I completed the level.
But instead of taking me to the next level (I was playing story mode) I took me to the menu. --'
And when I pressed chapter 3 it began from the beginning of the chapter... and when I choose select level... I suppose it didn't counted....

Just try to fix that... although I don't know exactly what "that" is...

? lol

i like this game :P
i donĀ“t have any problems with the controls or the game itself ^^

Rather Disappointing...


0. Hello...

1. First of all, I just have to say that I'm a really big fan of the earlier Shift series, with Shift 4 on the fringe.

2. Good Points:
* The tongue-in-cheek humor is still there, which is good. I think that the humor is one of the quintessential features of the original series aside from the complexity of the puzzles.
* Complexity. The key feature of the series that has got the people who played them hooked. I'm glad to see that after all the iterations of the game, the puzzle difficulty doesn't seem to deteriorate.

3. (Not so) Good Points:
* Graphics. One of the main draws for me to the Shift series is the minimalist graphics. It had an appeal that seemed to match games that are very graphic-intensive. The black and white scheme, paired with the humor, kept me enthralled even with the growing difficulty of each level. When I first saw the more bloated version in this game, I didn't want to dismiss it early. I even saw it as a positive that the series was taking on another direction but when I got to playing it, the new graphics didn't mix well with the setting. At some point, the graphics may very well be the cause of the game's slow pace, very uncharacteristic for a shit game.

* Slooooooow and Buggy. There were many glitches that I didn't seem to mind because I really wanted to enjoy this game. After Shift 4, I wanted to see Freedom! as a redemption for the entire series but I was disappointed.

4. Sorry...


Great game, but...

Like others have said, it was very glitchy. I couldn't complete this one level, just because the dude wouldn't walk through the door. Other times some of the map-flipping things wouldn't do anything. Otherwise, the music fit the playstyle, and the difficulty level was pretty balanced. Fix the glitches and this will be a great addition to the shift series.

Challenging but for the wrong reason.

Honestly, this game is particularly disappointing not because a bad game but because its so glitchy. During the escape sequence at the end of the game, I would lose 40 to 50 seconds not because of the game's difficulty but because my guy would stand in front of the door, jumping around, suddenly forgetting how doors worked. It's okay if your game slows down sometimes, but when it flat out freezes and the timer keeps going, that's almost criminally unfair. If the game actually worked like a game should, this would an 8/10. But as is, this game heavily needs work.