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Reviews for "Spirit Stars - "Darn Dog""




I always wanted to kil that damn smart ass dog myself


Although I must admit that this wasn't one of the funniest flash movies I have seen in my life, I found it to be humorous nonetheless.

My favorite part in this movie would definitely have to be when Kalina failed to shoot a duck, and when she swore at the 8-bit dog, that same 8-bit dog censored some parts of her swearing (or did this apply to someone else?). That DEFINITELY gave me some chuckles. XD I also liked the ending where all the girls except that emo one all danced to the beat of the credits.

This deserved to be frontpaged. Nice job! :)

Kyutwo responds:

Thanks for the review. The girl who was censored was Denise. That part took some creativity. I wanted her to swear and get bleeped out, but at the same time some how establish the dog being in that scene as well. I figured I'd have the dog laugh in the background, but then realized, what if the dog actually censored her with his laughs? And I LOL'd. XD Looks like a good decision in the end.

Kalina's the one who broke into tears. XD


yeah that was funny, but the dog always comes back, no matter how awesome the Konami code is lol


i have played this game when i was 5 yrs old hahah.