Reviews for "Turd Eating Cat"

Holy... What the...

That was the most random... What the hell. That was amazi... I don't even... WOW. 10/10.

What? so...ya

um am I supposed to be high to get this? Maybe it's because I'm super tired but I feel funny watching it but I imagine you gotta be high to really see it lol

aap responds:

Being super tired also makes you a bit "high".

Amazing effort, great creativity!

More effort should have been made to gross people out with the poo, but overall a winner!

aap responds:

I think I've grossed out more than enough people! Thank you!


The incorperation of about 6 video games? least I think it was 6 or 7 was just a genious Idea.

And the use of 8bit made it all a bit more funnier


where is Da Game?