Reviews for "Turd Eating Cat"


You should make this an actual game, with the exact same levels


LOL reminds me of an acid trip gone bad.

I really liked the animation, but the video started lagging about half-way through.

Overall though, this was great and quite funny.

Cats are evil

I love the angles you throw in this, just when you think you figure out how the good guy is going to win, poof! a new perspective. I enjoyed the film, and it seems like it would have been a fun game too. A great story, although awkward and unusual. Very nice for the tools used too.

What. The. Piss.

What the hell just happened?
I think my eyes just tore in four and my mind was raped in the ears.
...I friggen lolled at the randomness. Really.


I liked it was funny ,but brothers and sisters whats too much is too fucking much i think the guy who created this is a little off in his head i mean its fine he just puts a lot of random stuff and puts it all together to create comedy but u know its kinda sick!