Reviews for "Turd Eating Cat"

whooa shiet

dat waz sum trippy shieet yo :D
dunt puke on dat thang biatch

Very interesting vid.

what d'ya call a turdec who eats its self

A turd lulz...

anyways this movie is so random i love the ideas and the retro game style backgrounds and that my fav bit was the oart where everything was made out of them computer sign things lol :{B rabbit?srry i felt random lol he has a mustache


I presume your dutch, because aap is monkey in the netherlands :D

Random yet awesome vid


haha...what a trip...nice


This movie has changed my life, never again will I think that monkeys are more gross than cats. The amount of work you've put into this is amazing, it looks and feels like a genuine 8-16bit game, which made it all the more confusing and overwhelming. I hope you're going to collaborate with someone to follow it up with a series of games using the sprites, that'd truly make this a masterpiece!

aap responds:

Looks like I've changed your perspective on cats again, mr. Boogley!