Reviews for "Turd Eating Cat"

Ausome !

that was disgusting but great!


Amazingly bizarre!
If it was a real game, I'd play it! :D

gross, yet wellmade

the fact that it said new game kinda threw me off, but its quite an original movie, sort of referencind old DOS games


I love the loading screen!
I love the animation!
Amazing! Great Work!!
Incredibly Creative!


... and not just a bit, it's very, very... like totally... weird! Turd eating cat, an underwater shoe realm, a mad goose... But, I can't believe it myself, it's yet also kinda funny!

I really like the many references to some good old games, the love for every detail and the creative outburst of this animation! I feel a bit ashamed to say this, but... a very good flash movie!

aap responds:

Hahaha, thanks! Great review.