Reviews for "Dwarf Toss"

Nice but needs some debugging

Fun variation on a classic flash game, however it bugs out horribly if you're not constantly looking at it. I switched to watch a youtube video after tossing the dward almost straight up, and when I return I find myself flying upwards to the top of the 10th dimension. I don't know if that's a bug or I just hit the most powerful bomb ever, but as of writing this I'm at about 36k feet and there's no sign of the dimension ending antime soon.

A lot of fun

Ths game is realy a timekiller.
The gameplay is easy

I like it.

One little bug: when you mute and unmute the music, you can't mute it anymore.

Over 9000 ?

hah..surprised to see that...old youtube fad..Anyway good game..the bouncing system is not really a must with these games... makes it annoying and tedious after you click the damn spacebar like 500 times...


Love it. Very smooth gameplay.


I had fun. As I write this I'm approaching 90,000 ft and im still hang gliding through the "10th dimension" lol.