Reviews for "Dwarf Toss"

Its no turtle toss

but it does the job


There is a glitch is you use all the rockets and then the dolphin. I made 100,000ft before i even hit the water :)


Anyone else notice that Great is better then Awesome??

awwwwwwwwwwesome!!!! ^_^

i got everything but the 6x perfect bounce and the 45,000 ft achievement!!!! HUZZAH!!
that was freaking amazing!!!!

Really cool game

This game is simple and addicting. The game play and animations are smooth, and the soundtrack is pretty cool. Adding a height meter would be great. Getting a perfect bounce off the water is kinda difficult considering we don't know what part of the dwarf is used to calculate the perfect bounce. Is it different when his head hits the water than when his legs? I don't know how to improve that, so maybe that could just be part of the challenge of the game ?=^). Also, why is there a day counter? I had to cut gameplay short to go to work, so maybe I missed the point of it. Otherwise, great game!