Reviews for "Dwarf Toss"

Extremely Addictive

This is a really fun game to play. I only need one more acheivment. Great Job smith1302.

smith1302 responds:

Thanks a bunch! Only one more? i believe in you, you can get it haha


its son addictive!


I like that the minor upgrades like strength have a much more noticeable difference than some other tossing games.
My ideas to improve:
1. Add a height meter, as it gets near impossible to tell if the guy is still going up when he hits the white clouds and colorful sparkles.
2. Add some interactivity to the hang glider.
3. Of course, more upgrades, not nearly enough upgrades. Double the number of minor upgrades like the strength, ect...
4. Make the perfect bounce a touch more forgiving as I got a 3x perfect bounce by luck and not by anything else.
5. make more distance awards as I easily shattered them.
6. Have a story mode of some sort where there could be 2 endings instead of 1. 1 for going a long enough distance and 1 for going high enough.

smith1302 responds:

hey, thanks a bunch for your review. reviews with suggestions are my fav! ill like these suggestions especially the interactivity with the hang glider idea


Got all but 3 achievements, it reminds me of turtle toss or kitten cannon. There should be an achievement for when you buy all the upgrades and items.

Very good!!

This game is a really good game for newgrounds. A game of just throwing dwarfs. Man i love this! keep it up!!