Reviews for "Dwarf Toss"

coool game! i play this all the time

yeah its very very cool i like tossin games


It's really good but it needs a save feature so people can come back to the game and still have the money and items they had when they left the game. so I give you a 9/10 and a 5/5

What a good game!

Exellent game, Eric! The graphics were funny and so were the achievements, the physics were great, the scoring was well done, the power-ups were good, the music was awesome and overall, it is an excellent game! The "Spacebar" element helps keep the player involved! Congrats on the good reviews!

not bad

needs something more i mean i am writing this whille my dwarf is falling from the tenth deminsion needs more umph if you know what i mean

Good, but needs more.

Once I got going, I started getting lots of distance and cash, and fairly quickly got all the achievements. The only one I can't get is the 6x Perfects. It's damn hard to time those correctly, and I'm not even quite sure -where- the dwarf needs to be hit for another perfect.

My last toss was 117,562 in distance, 5,310 in height, x1.6 bonus, and a total of 18,012 cash. This leaves me on day 37, with all the upgrades, and 21,781 total cash.

Nothing left that makes me want to keep playing though. No highscores to see the ten top people who somehow managed to get a distance of like eight billion, and no further upgrades or achievements for me to try getting.

Overall though, it was an enjoyable pastime. ^^