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Reviews for "WHOOKOS Beta: Halloween"

Soooo...... logic, Was there any?

I really don't know if there was even a concrete plot here but I still laughed just as hard. I found this extremely enjoyable and hilarious so I say keep 'em comin'. I'll definitely be happy to watch anymore of this series you put out.


dude swiffer is hilarious but one question, in your other vids why does rat sound like Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy?

Can't say I loved it

I kept telling myself if i watched another one i would hate it and i figured this one had two things going for it the fact it was a Halloween special and Druox was in it and I'm a huge fan of his work so that pushed me into giving it another chance but there were to many anime-esque jokes in it. And i respect that you like anime i was in fourth grade once to but i just felt you over did it. And i feel like I'm doing a bad thing but to compenssate I'll give this a 5 in the other section the one that really matters because i didnt want to come in the first place and when i did i gave a bad review. It's kinda like when METALLICA released St. Anger it wasn't their best work but it had it's high points. I'm not trying to say you suck but i won't watch ANYMORE period no questions about it. I don't care who's on it it could be Jesus for all i care i will never watch another because if i do im gonna be tempted to review it and if i review it it's gonna be bad and i don't try to be an asshole on newgrounds i save that for youtube. with all due respect I DID NOT 100% HATE THIS.


just no improving on animation but still it is has funny jokes like "me...backwards!" but you could do a better story on animation

ps: when Kyo say Execute the operation Bald.(the name on it is scoot) just letting you know.

your right Kenshin

Seagull does make a cute witch. Out of all the characters, I like Swiffer and Seagull because you can't help but fall in love with their personalities