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Reviews for "WHOOKOS Beta: Halloween"

Dude, seriously...

You're 21 already. If you plan on getting a serious job in animation then it's time to vamp up your skills. If you're not, then completely ignore this comment.

Swiffer backwards!

lol. I expected halloween episode to be a bit scarier and not funny like the usual stuff :-P

Ok, if I were one of those guys

Swiffer would fit me perfectly, I can even do that swiffer call xD all these episodes deserve 10/10


swiffers backwords ._____. looks like i got next years costume figured out o.O
this is some funny stuff ands whats with the paper air plains flying around looking for mower ._.
also whats with the random zombie out of F**king no where o.e and why dose he want to smiggle my hips....what ever that means o_o
eather way keep up the good work and what ever you do.....don't fail that is all and to you viewers...stay away from my happy juice >w> <w<


Hello friend, I love this episode in fact the whookos series as a whole, my only concerns are (like u said on ur website and youtube) that doing so many projects at once seems to be hurting the series a bit, and good judgement call on slowing down a bit, but the things i can say with out reserve is that u are a true artist and i will give you my full suport for all it's worth.
Love and Peace