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Reviews for "WHOOKOS Beta: Halloween"

jesus christ

such weaboo styled "warm hearted humor" i couldn't fucking take it, it was so boring and fucking annoying.

also, animation was average, lip sync was absolutely awful though, theirs mouths only moved in one directions, no narrowing or widening, that's a big shortcut.

also, don't give me the "If you didn't like it why did you watch it bullshit"

Im supposed to give my review of shit, thats what this box is here for. You people act as though people are only supposed to write positive reviews.

also, this menu music has been playing for about 4 minutes now and it sucks asshole.


Man that funy, Gota love the paper airplanes with working guns XD "wipe them blood drips off ur face" XD Good job

-BL`s Kota Hirano


lololol. that is all :3

honestly joey?

one if this isn;t your cup of tea, don;t watching dumbass.

your drawing is getting better keep up the good work


I am a man of humor and this isn't a part of my lifestyle. nuff' said