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Reviews for "WHOOKOS Beta: Halloween"


I love the randomness! You guys seem like the kind of friends I wish I had in high school, people I could just mess around with and be totally random with. I only had one friend like that, and you can't exactly make a pile of people and beanbags that reach the ceiling with two people! Overall, you guys rock.


I've watched all of your vids and to be honest I haven't been very amused with the whookos episodes so far. Don't get me wrong, they're quite good and the jokes aren't bad. What I think it's lacking slightly is the climax in those jokes.
I mean so far most of the jokes - excluding a couple ones - have been spoken in monotone and it looks like they haven't been paid much attention to in the animation, either.
I think you could improve that by making some contrast into the joke. For instance: everyone else talks in a low voice and then someone suddenly shouts something funny (possibly random).
Example of such a contrast:
Hello, John.
Hey mate, how are you?
I'm absolutely fantastic. By the way, have you ever seen -- IMMAH FIRING MAH LAZZOOORR!

Another way to create a contrast is by using different kind of colours in a scenery. Example: You have two roads, one is happy and colourful, the other a dark death-trap.

You could also draw a really weird facial expression out of the blue.

Or you could make the climax by giving a weird reaction from others. For example:
*Everyone is talking*
Someone says something stupid in a loud voice
*complete silence and staring* (possibly wind blowing a couple of leaves)

It can be anything, really. Just emphasis that "THIS" is the joke. Studying comic expressions could also be a good idea.

Also like some people already pointed out that the voices weren't so top-notch in this one. Maybe you could try adding more "emotion" to them, if you know what I mean. Don't be afraid to shout or snort or whatever!

Good parts:
Extremely nice backgrounds and animations. I like the simple theme. The lack of shading in characters isn't a problem. I liked the use of anonymous, black characters. The idea is fantastic. It really does have that real school atmosphere!
I also like the idea of a small group of people doing everything together.
The more successful jokes, in my opinion, were the distraction joke in whookos 3 and the zombie scene in this one.

Ps. I would write a longer review but I really should be off now.

it's great. coulda usedmore animation

and the voiceacting was kind of lame, especially with kyo when he did that thing where he whispers to indicate yelling. but all over it was good


I like it, even if it makes no sense. It's true that it's gotten a little self-serving, but it's still quite likable. I'm all for surreal humor, and this episode had plenty. I especially loved the part where VK tells Rat to wipe the blood off of his face. Very surreal.


I was hoping that Swiffer would dress up this year as something more awesome like Taco-Man,or an Old Lady holding a bottle of Old Lady rub because she's an Old Lady,or maybe even a Patapon???? But yeah,nice work