Reviews for "Astromiau EP 01"


Yeah im not too happy about this too much either. i've like alot of your animations, but the reason why is because they were music videos as much. it was much more artistic that way. this well. its too cheesy. sorry.

hah cool

interactive movie!


...what is this?

I'm not so happy with this.
Including a story with your animations is fine, if the story... you know... tells a story...
You told more and better stories without words. Pure facial expressions and music is all you needed before. It was good like that.
Maybe you're sick of it, so I apologise, but we haven't seen much on here. (I don't know spanish, so what I know of this "CCC world" is what has been shown on Newgrounds animations, and that's not much. I want more.)
This is lacking your usual interesting design.
It's lacking your expression, your feeling that you could show with so basic lines. You don't have the nicest looking art. Not by a long shot. But your older animations showed... "freedom".
It's lacking freedom.
It's just lacking all round.

PS. I criticize those I like the most...


wow. it actually felt like a real love comedy anime. really cool. good job!


more of CCC and Astromiau please