Reviews for "Astromiau EP 01"


eres dios! hahaha esk neta no hay mejor humor que el mexicano!

I'm still not feeling it astromiau.

I found this sooooo funny, please keep doing these. :)

English Dub

I would Love to do the English Dub for this =D

je miau :3

sos un groso jeje me gusto n___n justo cuanod vi el gatito tambine pense en NCH jejepero bueno el tuyo es un gato con onda n_u

what a change

im happy your getting great reviews on this and sad at the same time. your previous work was great eres veneno++ being one of my fav and rush++ love it. so many tens for this its just depressing to see your talent waisted on cheap crap jokes, and drug jokes. i dont know you personaly but i have followed your art for 3 years and hoped for more. your art had class, you have change your or so much and so little with just one theme. i look forward to more great works but not of this story. good look with all that you do. i will continue watch for more greatness.