Reviews for "Astromiau EP 01"

NCH85 worked on this?!

It is great that you are starting a new series. The weird thing is that this is really unlike anything you have submitted before. In the beginning, I thought it was just going to be a music video, like most of your stuff. It's great that you experimented with a brand new set of characters. The one thing I didn't like was the interactive part of the movie where you controlled Astromiau. It just seemed kind of silly and pointless.

The animation is as great as ever, especially with how he cries. It's probably also the funniest thing you ever submitted. I lol'd at the part where they took the mushrooms and they started looking realistically. He should know (as a cat) not to trust dogs. Cats in space is an idea that can simply never go wrong in adorableness.


Muy buen trabajo Vinnie...soy uno de tus seguidores desde hace tiempo y me gusta mucho el estilo que tienes. Saludos!


This is cool and all...But I think I enjoy more of your other work better.But this is pretty funny too! Good work.

So different!

I rmemeber seeing your flashes when I was younger. It looks like you've improved so much! Love it and keep up the good work!

That was so GREAT! MORE! MORE!

I laughed hard at it all! Haha I felt sorry for him because I've been in those situations before, but I laughed all the same. Excellent work.