Reviews for "Astromiau EP 01"

I know your done with ep. 2

Aren't you going to put it on Newgrounds?

Very nice

I quite enjoyed it !! Very different from your other works. I think the mushroom part wasn't needed at all and really threw me off. Other then that, the animation was really nice and smooth as always, dialogue was great and im really curious about how this story could play out.

Very well done !

One thing i don't understand.

Why did she break up with him? You didn't really imply a reason in this episode.


"Perro Renegado, esto no me pega!" jajaja a guevo! que chingona serie te estas trayendo, espero con ansias el siguiente episodio!

I can see the potential

You got a good series if you carry it out just right. Hope the sequal turns out right.