Reviews for "Tails' Nightmare 2"

All Passwords:

super - Just Basically Gives You Superspeed,

spawner - Unlimited HP

suddendeath - Automatically Sets The Difficulty To Nightmare (Which Is Very Hard To Do If You Ask Me)

propeller - Unlimited Flight Time (Yay) :D

painless - You Loose No Rings If You Get Hit By An Enemy

rampage - Makes You Invincible :D

puppet - Allows You Play As The Tails Doll

lunar - Allows You To Moonjump :D

blind - 100% Darkness

dream - Starts The Ending Clip When You Click Start

maze - Start In Room 1

springs - Start In Room 2

spike - Start In Room 3

pitfall - Start In Room 4

boulder - Start In Room 5

fork - Start In Room 6

loop - Start In Room 7

drain - Start In Room 8

trap - Start In Room 9

doom - Start In The Boss Room

.P.S. While On The Password Entry Screen, Please Can You Enter The Passwords In All Lowercase, Otherwise They Won't Work If You Don't

Tailsdoll comfirmed

Amazing! Better than Sega's new crappy games...

This game is amazing. I like the little cheats and sprites.

tails doll password= puppet

I love this game I can't stop playing it its so awesome :)