Reviews for "Tails' Nightmare 2"

thanks for the cheats

Here are all cheats
super-superspeed and superjump
spawner-unlimited lives
suddendeath-very hard dificulty
propeller-unlimited fligth
painless-no rings lost
puppet-play as the freacking Tails Doll
lunar-a moon bounce
blind-100*/* percent darkness
dream-see last clip in the game when you click Start Game
maze-start in room 1
spring-start in room 2
spike-start in room 3
pitfall-start in room 4
boulder-start in room 5
fork-start in room 6
loop-start in room 7
drain-start in room 8
trap-start in room 9
doom-start in the final room
hold down arrow key-to jump to the credits

i thought the cheats were well made i like playing as tails doll.

Nice cheats!

enter puppet in the password box to play as me.