Reviews for "Tails' Nightmare 2"

I Won

At the end i hit the gem because i thought he was one of Ganondorfs minions. (not really)

I know the passwords for this game!

super-superspeed superjump
spawner-unlimited lives
suddendeath-Nightmare Difficulty
propeller-unlimited flight
painless - no rings lost
rampage - invincible
puppet - play as the Tails Doll
lunar - a moon bounce
blind - 100% darkness
dream - starts end clip when you click start game
start in room 1-maze
start in room 2-springs
start in room 3-spike
start in room four - pitfall
start in room five - boulder
start in room six - fork
start in room seven-loop
start in room eight - drain
start in room nine-trap
start in boss room-doom
to jump the credits hold-down arrow key
and these are only cheats you could get.

five stars cause i knew the codes thx dude for the game your awsome

To play as Tails Doll enter Puppet in the password box

Who can truly deny the power of the Tails Doll?