Reviews for "Tails' Nightmare 2"

do you like the game? tails nightmare 3 is coming

i love this game and my fav cheat is puppet

Fush!... Miedo!


LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super: Gives you superspeed and superjump
Spawner: Unlimited lifes
Sudden death: Nightmare Difficulty (Very Hard)
Propeller: Unlimited flight
Painless: No rings lost
Rampage: Invisibility through whole game
Puppet: Play as the tails doll
Lunar: A moon bounce
Blind: 100% Darkness, I REALLY DONT RECOMMEND IT.
Dream: Starts end clip when you click start game
Start in room 1: Maze
Start in room 2: Springs
Start in room 3: Spike
Start in room 4: Pitfall
Start in room 5: Boulder
Start in room 6: Fork
Start in room 7: Loop
Start in room 8: Drain
Start in room 9: Trap
Start in boss room: Doom
To jump the credits: -Hold down arrow key