Reviews for "Red Ronin : 24 HRC"


i liked some and hated others, i loved the music during ricepirate's part, and all in all for only 24 (ahem 25) hours you guys and girls did well.


Nice collab with Artists, timing is very...good.
PeaCe ANd ReSPect,


Simply amazing. The artist in this collab are very talented and I encourage you guy to keep this going best of luck to you!

24 hours?

This was a very impressive feat for you guys and I am glad you are all becoming more famous on this website. You each put worth a unique style to this collab. It seems like ninjas get all the glory these days, so it makes sense to throw in some samurai. It is hard to judge this as a whole thing because every individual part was good. Yes, some were certainly better than others, but overall it weaves to make a great collab. I have little idea on how historically accurate this is, but I doubt I should care.

The music is impressive as well and really fits the theme of the collab. You guys also seemed to work hard to make sure each scene fit the music. There was real creativity in this as I had no idea what enemy would show up next. There were ninjas, a scarecrow thing, and some main ninja guy. Oh, and yes, I heard the Wilhelm Scream! I did find it a little humorous, but a lot more mystical and violent.


kinda reminds me of samurai jack.