Reviews for "Red Ronin : 24 HRC"

What the?

What's up with Steven M, NeroGeist, and BifftheTimid taking more than 24 hours? And they weren't even as good as some of the quicker ones.

Other than that, EPIC! Totally EPIC!


Awesome music and animation. Great collab guys! I'd love to see more :)

rice pirate, jordanD, and pegosho

clearly win top 3.

if they made something like that in less than 24 hours.. id love to see what they could do in 3 months

Wow.. Just WOW!

This was great .. Just Wow! The animation was perfect for all most everyone! But i can see why some lacked that, when you had a time limit, and with all that pressure, animating is as hard as hell. But heh, besides a few things this is the perfect collab! Better than the first by far..

I loved the menu and bio designs, They are AWESOME!!

And the animating over all was 100% awesome.

Love to see more ..
-Jasper ;)


keep up the awesome work all of you