Reviews for "Red Ronin : 24 HRC"

good song...

Well i liked the song and the animation...
but the animation needs to fit with the song.
Yeah the song is samurai ish but the animation needed to go along with the song. Like in the beginning when the song started that was good but after the first small part (when the guy smashes the cup) i really think something epic should have happened instead


Another very nice 24 hours collaboration! :O
Very nice animations in this one, and I mean very nice ones! ^_^
Nice action scenes, I even lolled once! =D

@Jorge Ruiz (Pegosho)
Ehm.. It was very nice.. Again.
When I first saw your animating style I was amazed and really really liked it.. But now it is getting well.. boring.. sorry, still enjoyable to look at and very clean.. and very well done.
But I personally would like to see a new style from you! ^_^

Which artiste I really like in this collaboration:
redminus, BifftheTimid, Jorge Ruiz (Pegosho) and Mick Lauer (RicePirate)! ^_^

Now, I am not saying tat the rest wasn't good, because there wasn't a bad one, those artists in MY opinion were the best.



That was Epicccc

Woah. . that was amazing . . Really amazing. . All of you did a great job . . . And Redminus. . Damn. . you've got mega-skillz. . At first I thought it was a real part of an anime


man wish i had some of these skills