Reviews for "Red Ronin : 24 HRC"


some of the stuff wasn't my style- but it's a really cool collab!
though.. i'm a redminus bias.. i really like bubbowrap- ricepirate and redharvest's

but good job all of you!!

miew :D!

It was ok.....

...but it felt like too much of the same thing


Does Pegosho's part remind anyone else of Ninjai the smallest ninja?

Love it

I loved you idea again you mixed all the anime style like the face,body,sketch, and the texture loved it

(teach me how to draw :'( )


that was incredible the animation was so fluid..all of it..not one part was low quality..and it was so serious..i love the music too..WE NEED MORE SAMURAI COLLABS!! (like this)..one of the best collabs ever..you really captured the samurai spirit.nice job, :D