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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"


not bad but still needs work (keep it up)

Unique but terrible

6 stars for the unique take and idea but this game is bugged all to hell so it gets a 3 release a fixed version or go back to the defense esque roots of the 1st game for a 2.5 version. It'd be a shame to see this potential wasted.


you going to need to fix the fist bugs (you can walk thru walls with it) but the rest was awesome. Good idea, good concept, terribly executed

I got through the entire game.

Yes, glitches all over the place. Glove pushes either you or other things out the walls, so its not entirely unplayable.
Yes, I was scared. Ive had bad dreams where I dont know where im going and everything is black, so its not entirely useless.
No, This does not meet the correct standards for anything... on the face of the planet.

Dont give up your day job.

to glitchy

almost good but while im typing this im standing inside the boss and he cant hit me ive struck him like 100+ times with this glove and i just have to say ive never had to punch a spider this man times in my life to kill it D: