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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"

I wasn't trying to go out of bounds on my second playthrough of this game and I found myself out of bounds really easily. That is game breaking. I hear people who talk about "just switch weapons" as the mechanic for getting past the seemingly random invincible enemies (and it does work, I definitely found that myself) but there's seemingly no rhyme or reason for it. Enemies just randomly become invincible to a weapon out of nowhere. I get that it's a horror game and not everything is a bug unless the developer says so, but the developer has also admitted to not playtesting the game whatsoever. That's unforgivable.

There is an episode of the Outer Limits very similar to this, where a space pilot isn't sure if he made it safely back to earth or not. He is in fact cocooned. You got stuck on technical issues, but you had a great idea to start with.


the game as a whole is good but theres a lot that needs to be done to it. its very glitchy. but it is nice to know that no matter what your efforts to defend the base was futile. so good continuation of the story in that sense.

not glitchy at all

well maybe 1 where ur outside the box but i just walked right and came in the area where you got to get to the general its awsome and if some enemys are invunrable to a type they arent to another GUYS THIS IS A NIGHTMARE ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN


but there are some serious glitching and that but good sequil for the story