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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"

Was decent at first...

Then it started getting glitchy. After killing a few of the spider monsters, it bugged out & I had no place to go, plus they took way too many shots to take down. I suppose it isn't a big deal considering you have unlimited ammo, but when you click at something 30 times to shoot it, it's a bit annoying. Also, no mute for the sounds/music? It's interesting to hear before it gets annoying.

so much...epic

so...much..,awsome...head...imploding (its a inword explosion that 50Xas powerful as a normal boomboom)

Very good game but bugged

This game has everything to be awesome but I found a bug that stopped me from going forward.

In a scene where there's a circle of innocent child, i cant get out of that scene, the Narcolyxii doesn't show up and I can actually get out of screen (out of the level design, into the black area).

Other than that, all seemed very good.

It has a few problems

The first area of the game worked fine, but the end of the second area was buggy. And the third are looked like it hadn't been completed. But it was still a good game.