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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"

not to good

and the medals dont work . so eww

This is shit.

I couldn`t even move.

i guess it's not finished yet...

i pretty much like the sound of teh game but everything else...

acctually it looks to me that it's not even finished. u can see by the main menu that there was supposed to be many others chapters.

just a tip: if its really a 'beta' write down it, let people now its not finished

and one other thing. Whats the point of those medals? apparently i cant get any of them because i never found the monsters im supposed to meet

good concept, but...

The game is incredibly glitchy, as others before me have stated. Here are the several I found:

1) Walls are meaningless. If you get out the Ion Fist you can punch right through them with the dash. This allows you to move around freely with it out. Also to get back inside you punch through the walls a second time. Fix it?

2) Death has no effect. I died 3 times on the large mech. Each time when I got to it again, it still had all of the damage it sustained, and was still launching attacks at nothing. Plus, where is its hit-box located? My pistol bullets passed right through its entire body, and the only weapon that hurt it was the Ion Fist, until i knocked its arm off, and then the LOD was the only thing that could hurt it. Is this meant to happen, or was it actually a glitch?

3) Several of the Narcolyxx spawns I encountered were immune to long-range attacks. My bullets went right through its hit-box as if the enemy didn't exist. The only way I could kill them was the Ion Fist, and every single time when i punched them once, they warped behind me, and had to be punched again to be killed. Again, is this part of the game?

4) The "Tormented Soldier" and "Tormented Liutenent"s can run through walls. This should basically explain itself. They RAN THROUGH WALLS. Obviously not part of the game or enemy powers, please fix this. If you dont, then at least let the player run through walls too? Oh wait, WE ALREADY CAN! Seriously dude, enough of the running through walls crap.

5) After meeting the narcolyxx demi-god, i got a strange gun with 1150 ammo, great rapid-fire ability, and my max hp jumped from 60 to 1000, and the game suddenly cut me off and skipped to the ending about 30 seconds after aquiring these stats. Also, when I switched weapons with this super-gun out, i couldn't switch back to it. Is this meant to happen?

6) Several of the paths have invisible, back-wards pushing force-fields. Again, self-explanitory. I would walk down a path and suddenly be thrust back-wards to the beginning of it. The only method of proceeding through these force-fields is using the Ion Fist-run-through-walls-glitch! WHY? Well, it takes a glitch to defeat a glitch. And what do you know? The run through walls glitch makes ANOTHER appearance. Again, I place emphasis on fixing it.

All-in-all, despite what effort you DID place into this, this game is hardly acceptable of being submitted to newgrounds, let alone being called finished. It's half-assed, hardly had effort put into it, has poor graphics, has poor hit-boxes, level-up changes are barely noticable, a great abundance of glitches and flaws, and basically poor gameplay. Next time you consider even SUBMITTING a game to newgrounds, please put a VERY large amount of thought into wether-or-not your game is even finished. Sorry if I'm too blunt about this, but it's the truth.

I tried not to hate it

But it's so annoying. The weapons are limited, what you're supposed to do is unclear, the movement is bugged to where you can jump up ledges with the power fist but you can't go up some ramps, the enemies wouldn't have been too bad but they glitch around and either can walk through walls or can't walk at all. Story holds promise but I couldn't really tell what was going on most of the time. Right before the end it showed the big boss, then someone talking to me, then it put me in a room where I couldn't see anything and gave me a gun I didn't get in the game then it suddenly ended. I didn't know if it was a bug or just a bad ending.