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Reviews for "Gunbot"

Deja vu

Hero shooting aliens with upgrades and leveling up? Gee, whats that remind me of...oh yeah the breach. That really upset me, it's exactly like it, but without atmosphere or interest. You opened really well with the plot which was amusing enough, however you managed to convince me the game didnt get anymore exciting past the 7th level, I didnt care about the guns, the diamonds seemed pointless (Yes, I'd like customizable guns/shields/abilities/looks but diamonds for some pointlessly powerful guns? You can keep them.) and I just felt myself wishing for a sequel to the breach through my brief playing.

Also, maybe you didnt realise but it was a "the breach"/Borderlands crossover supreme- A bandit sort of planet with a gunslinger with shields and the odd corrosive weapon. I'm surprised you didnt make electrical or incenditary weapons. Anyways, Great animation- poorly executed. Cmon Berzerk, you can do SO much better. Dont cloak your previous games in a different guise.

Great 10/10

Definitely a great game done here, keep up the awesomeness 10/10 from me bud.


Graphics are fine , sound... shall pass... Idea is great - but the gameplay is totally boring. Just running on easy killrooms trying to get more cash. 3 is my grade for this piece.

Error Connecting To Gamersafe!

I loved everything about this game except when I clicked "claim my reward" and started up an endless loop of the game retrying to connect to Gamersafe. I was like "then stop freakin' tryin'!" I intend to reload and try again when I wake up.

I want to use bigger and badder guns.

Plus your storyline was awesome. Keep it up, keep makin more games.

As everyone else says: put different enemies in the levels sometime. Even if they have identical stats and actions, it'll keep the gameplay feeling fresh.

5'd and fav'd :)


I Feel As Though This Is One OF those Games That Trains You To Get Better I Sucked At Getting Around I First Started Never Being Able To Dodge Bullets Properly Or Avoid Enemies...But Now I Feel As Though My Gaming Skills Have Genuinely Increased Thank Bezerk...Oh And The Graphics And Upgrade...Cool!