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Reviews for "Gunbot"

one achievement not working

the buy every non diamond item in the game achievement seems to not work, I have recently bought everything and cannot seem to get the game to acknowledge it.

good graphics, smooth running game. I agree that the story really doesn't matter so you might as well do what you did. However I think it would have had more humour without the inner-monologue stuff. It wasn't really that funny, and a ridiculous storyline is pretty standalone anyway.

Nice variety of upgrades, however the laser is either too good, or everything else just isn't up to par. I liked the multi-shot rebound weapon, that worked well for quite awhile, but then the laser comes out and nothing comes close to it's effectiveness.

The boss fights were very lame. Too easy, too slow, and not much going on. Kind of like the gameplay anyway. none of the lvls had any tricky obstacles requiring the use of the edge grapple or double jump skills. I guess the whole skill thing just comes down to a fast time, but that isn't really that fun.

the fire bomb stuff was ok, but I think a better option for a secondary attack would have been to incorporate some sort of grenade. A very powerful colourful grenade.

you could easily have great success making a similar game with some improvements on what was mentioned above.

Honestly amazing

ive loved all of berserk studios work, but this one got me hooked for hours, i completely lost track of reality for a bit but its cool

its a really good ame but

it could be better. i love the upgrades on it and everything but its easy to level up on 1 and 2 but then leveling up to level 4 is freakin annoying. and also a side kick wojuld have been bad ass at least a horse with a gun on its head

Does exactly what it says on the tin

The game certainly plays like the old skool, side-scrolling, platform-shooter it wants be. Death trap leaps of faith and late spawning enemies are just as irritating as they always were, however the sweet visuals and music provide just enough adrenaline to prevent the game from becoming fustrating.

The game plays smoothly carried by some entertaining dialogue and enough unlockables to last long after you've had enough. A fun and easy game to sit down and enjoy. It should have most people hooked until the game's conclusion.


it was a good game ut here a few thing you could add in for a 2 or something like that : a knife when enemys are close, more styles of guns exemple: not only magnums with attachements add someting like shotguns machine gun, uzis things like that and a customisator if we could customise the guy it would e awesome ! then a multiplayer mode why not lol