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Reviews for "Gunbot"


Your aregument fails. You are playing this game without paying, but these things still require something called FUNDING (that's big boy talk for money), hence, advertisements. Also, you state that they are trying to advertise to kids. Last I checked, Newgrounds' User base was geared to adults due to Mature content (a.k.a all the hentai sex games). Please try to use at least half of whatever you use to compute information before giving a game a bad review.

Awesome game

for real this is some all out run 'n gun action shooter piece y'all put on newgrounds period, the music is good, weapons were nice, and the gameplay is so great, thanks for showing gunbot to us.

nice work

really nice work dudes and/or girls!! however i recomend a save point at the bosses, really not fun if you need to blast yourself throught ALL the enemies again everytime you die at a boss. this happened to me at the last boss. i know this is a "die and lvl up and try agian type of game" but in this case it isnt more challening, just more annoying : ) keep the good work coming!

Good stuff... Lag problem

Very fun game. Nice graphics, great music. My only real complaint (other than the already mentioned shoot-before-you-can-move thing) is the fact that the game kept getting slower and slower the longer I played. Near the end it was so choppy and laggy that I could barely play. Wasn't just the later levels either, going back and playing the first few was just as slow. Not sure if it's because of all the ads (?)


just a bit confused about the reload time on the weapons
does more bars on the reload mean less time or more time :S