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Reviews for "Gunbot"

My review

This game was a blast playing this should become a seris and have it go multi-player have a publisher deliver this game to multi platform systems like the ps3 and wii now for my review
----------------------------------The gameplay-----------------------------
---------------------------------the gameplay was inriching and fun this is one of the best game i have played since summer slaughter (check out my review on that)the gameplay was smooth and really replayable i give it a 5
----------------------------------the story--------------------------------
the stroy was fun and also replayable but corny like was potato said there is not to much to say about the story. i give the story a 2
----------------------------------the graphics-----------------------------
the graphics are just like ur homerun in berserk land but not as good the game is smooth i love the platforming part it gives more flavor to the game a platforming shooter i love it. i give the graphics a 5
------------------------------------t he bottom line---------------------------------
the bottom lin is i give it a 18 (my highest rating is a 20) although the game is fun the gameplay is choppy but the ng ratings is a 9 witch is pretty good l ove but it is just so choppy i also love the humor in it i give it a 18 and a 9 on ng ratings


it is pretty fun but if you are one of those people that play on a laptop you may find this game pretty challenging without an actual mouse.

not my taste

the style and concept are so freaking cool, and i love tons of upgrading
the programing wasn't very smooth/realistic/good (in my opinion).
and the story line - i mean come on, that was a really lame bit "ohhh gotta find a story line-QUICK!"
kinda corny

Great but very glitchy

If you fixed the pop-up glitch on both sides of the board, the running without control glitch, and the overall lag glitch, this game would be freaking amazing. As a matter of fact, I would still be playing it right now instead of writing a review.

fast pace and good shooting

Damn i love this game. It is fast, everything is shooting at you and you have to jump,shoot,run and dodge bullet's fast as hell. Great game :D