Reviews for "Bum Nuts"


Love to see the material hold the series together, original great humor, keep up the great work!

DestructoBox responds:

We're trying to add more and more little call backs. Its fun for us to try and make them fit together with those subtle background details or one off lines.

Love it

Mary is hot, your baby is black.

Great Series

I love how you guys have your own originality and the funny stories, always something to make me laugh :)

thanks guys :D

um ok bad animation

um what the hell was this? Seriously terrible animation I get the story but just seems really dull and stupid. Sorry not gonna get a good score for this.

DestructoBox responds:



you see you can really give it a good story... but its the animation that i don't like and i think that it is very easy for you to create flash

DestructoBox responds:

Its definitely off on it's own style. Not for everyone

Thanks for watching!