Reviews for "Bum Nuts"


the comedy was a little dry for my taste, funny plot but jokes that came with it werent great.

DestructoBox responds:

Thanks for watching anyways.

'Play dead'! XD

Out of all the "DestructoBox" cartoons you have done so far, this one HAS to be my favorite. My favorite part would be when Brett was falsely accused of burning his own home, when it was really drunk Joey and Phil. Also, I'm surprised that Phil didn't die when he "played dead". XD

However, if you're wondering why I gave a 9/10 for an epic flash such as this, I found Phil's actions of "playing dead" and "napping" were funny, but also a bit random. Of course, I really shouldn't make such a big deal about this.

Also, who is this "Brett" person? Is he as real as you two (Phil and Joey)? :\

Still, nice job. :)

DestructoBox responds:

Brett is indeed real. He did voices for us in the early incarnations of DB and made his grand re-appearance in this episode. He will most certainly be back ;)

9 reviews?

its pretty sad. I'll keep rooting for this series though!


freakin awesome

freaking good funny nicelly animted love it

hobolicious! :D

Nice work, I especially liked the limited animation of the lipsync, the mouths were so abstract but worked perfectly. How'd you come up with that? Sold your soul? hmm? I thought so...

DestructoBox responds:

Its the basic limited phonetic shapes in our simple style. We're lucky it worked out because I think I would go crazy trying to make things as awesome as your Angry Chimp for each episode ;)