Reviews for "Bum Nuts"

this made me want to grow a beard...

and buy a beer... and get ball insurance.

DestructoBox responds:

Ballsurance is surprisingly pricey.

You need to be banned!

Seriously. Whenever a new Destructobox is released I just stop what ever it is I'm doing and watch it, again, and again, and again, and again....and again.

Now the roast has burned and the wife is clutching a rolling pin and glaring at me.

I mean, egads old beans! I appear to have lost my British accent that time! Sporting good show old bean!

DestructoBox responds:

Thanks old sport!
And bean!

Sport beans?

I really love

Whene Phil hit's his head and get some kind of brain damadge. Love the bar scen :)
Really sweet animation style, but the end is somewhat sad :/

DestructoBox responds:

Hilariously sad?

Good job!

A bit slow in the middle, but the animation looked very smooth.

DestructoBox responds:

Brian Kicked it up a notch :)

Vagrants Are Full of Sound and Fury...

...and Boiled Boot Stew. And they signify nothing.

This week's edition of Destructo Box was truly Shakespearean in its skein. Well done, good sirs. Brava.

DestructoBox responds: