Reviews for "Bum Nuts"

I done seen a new favorite series!

I absolutely love the humor and style of these movies. The artwork is simple and seems easy to use which means that you can put a lot more effort into the characters and storylines. Kind of reminds me of the Cyanide & Happiness cartoons and comic, the way the humor is random and has a hint of violence to it.

Love these man. Keep it up!

DestructoBox responds:

Thanks dude!
Lots going on behind the scenes. Check back soon for some big news!


I can relate to his beard.


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mary's hot... your baby's black... nap!

i normally dont write reviews but this more than merits a good word or two, both for this episode and for the series as a whole. i love destructo box and this episode has to be my favorite so far (with the lint trap pulling a close second). i know a lot of people have really praised the amount of depth and character youve been able to get out of this style but i have to say it myself. i love the characters, the animation, the dialog, everything about this is awesome. the voice acting is perfect and the jokes are unexpected and hilarious. in both the shorts and the full length episodes you never disappoint and i know you'll continue to keep up the amazing work you've been putting forth. so from a loyal fan, cheers destructo box, and thank you for the truly great work you've given us, keep up the phenomenal work.

DestructoBox responds:

That's awesome dude. Thanks for the awesome review. Really nice to hear that it clicks with people, especially with the limited look we use. We'll continue tell our dumb stories as long as people keep watching!
Thanks buddy :D

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