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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"


Plot? PLOT? who needs plot? this is amazing!
Nobody should be expecting you to create an epic plot to incorporate this stuff.
It's meant to be for fun, mindless combat. and it is.
I really enjoyed watching this. The little voices are awesome.
I love your style of animation alot, it makes every hit seem so much more powerful.

Nhazul responds:

Yeah! Thanks for understanding! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Cool vid, cool action scenes.

Nice stuff

I like your main character and how he would summon his scarf mid combo. You shoulda maybe added a combo meter or life bar to give it more of a combo video feel that you would see in a lot of fighting games. Nice job, pretty intense and animation was very good.

it's pretty good.

It's pretty good but as other reviews have said it's really deprived of plot and has dudes that don't even fight back. the plot doesn't even need to be good. just give your dude a goal. it's a very simple formula

Stick man fights seemingly endless henchman
the Stick man fights boss
Epic battle ensues
Eventually Stick man wins
the perfect stick fight =D

still very good talent and style your just a step away from true awesomeness.


The animation it's pretty good, the speed in the sequences even the aspect how the voice accords to the time, but, it's the same dragon ball, anime, things... of every year.... where's the plot????

Nhazul responds:

It's a display of stickman combos, who needs a plot? I'm an action junky. Thanks for the review.