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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"

This shouldnt be considered a stick fight

Basically its just one guy beating the crap out of another guy. Every single time

Nhazul responds:

It's meant to be a display of combos, not to be a fair fight. Hence the name. Thanks for the juvenile review.


the 2nd type was bad ass you should make a whole flash like that

you freaking good nut movie maker

love the fighting yo and also the wackiness and awsome ness hahaha great for that give you 10

Nhazul responds:

Thanks for the positive review. Glad you enjoyed it :)

good, good.

this was very nice, and it has a blood splash effect ive never seen in flash animation. ,ostly i enjoyed the video, that was, until it switched style type, the first was, in my opinion, the best.

Nhazul responds:

Yep, i was just trying out new things. I agree though. Thanks for the review.

too much DBZ

almost every animation had DBZ visuals and/or DBZ sounds.
they are used everywhere, and kinda get boring with time.
you only used 1 gun in one of them, make a variety of weapons for the fights, that would greatly improve it.
other than that, i loved the fights, tough as i already said, they could have used more weapons.