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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"

Got boring.

Maybe you'd have more variety in an actual video instead of a compilation, but as it stands it was almost boring because of 1 thing:

Literally almost every hit had the slo-mo/matrix pause before it hit. After a while I didn't even want to see it anymore but finished because I don't like reviewing something unless I've seen the whole thing.

Your art was amazing, and the skills you have were apparent. But in the future, please take into consideration that in order to really WOW everyone not only do the moves have to differ, but the style in which they are presented. The slo-motion effect is amazing, and almost everyone remembers it from matrix as a jaw dropping moment. But most forget about the 1,000 vs Neo scene, and all of the other scenes where there was fluidity and constant motion. The slo-motion is supposed to be used for emphasis. The effect also looks a lot better if playing with dimensions. I know this is a 2d movie at heart, but many stick movies play around with the dimensions a bit. Having the angle move slightly when using the slo-mo/pause effect gives it more "hmmph" so that it isn't JUST slow motion.

Who knows, maybe these were supposed to be the "key scenes" where the slo mo was supposed to be the "Cool" moment. But since it's a compilation of cool moments, it just looked very repetitive, and I just wanted to see him hit hard and fast, not stop every few seconds.

Either way thanks for your time, and great vid.


a trully awsome animation I whould love to see him in an epic boss fight against some masive monster but the second last one was a little glichy

Huge Amounts of Epic!

The animation was, just, well there's no word for it, just amazing. You got serious talent! Smooth and clean, and the little exaggerations with the movement really added to the extreme combos


lol the voices remind me of worms haha i really enjoyed this

Fucking Awesome

This reminds me why I hate sprites so much, because they try to do what you're doing here, only you are actually doing it.

But yeah that was fucking awesome.