Reviews for "Use Your iMagination!"


It was cool when I saw the first half on your computer but this, the finished product, is amazing, where did you get the explosion sprite and sound clips?

wait wait wait

if your saying dont buy stuff didnt you buy a comp TO put this up coz you couldent use your iMagination for that


pew pew pew pew bwooosh gaah bdam bdam..i think mines defective


This was a really clever, funny flash, one of the best I've seen (not including quality but thats not always what counts :D) Plus I just plain don't like apple... at all.

Yeah I have to disagree with that last guy

Dude it was actually pretty good so what if it didn't have all the 3-D bells and whistles of some of the other flash on newgrounds, but so what it was supposed to be funny and it was so success.

Everyone has different tastes in humor and personally It was pretty fricken funny and so it succeeded.

Here's the reason It made the front page: because most people (myself included) actually got the Jokes and yes they were Jokes even if some people weren't smart enough to get them.

I liked it so don't be to hard on yourself just because some moron would rather watch flashily 3-D garbage than something simple and funny.

So keep up the good work, your doing pretty good in my book. Oh and by the way the Voice acting wasn't that bad...I've herd a lot worse.

It was a newgrounds flash not Avatar so just deal with it, sit back and enjoy the humor.