Reviews for "Use Your iMagination!"

Yes! I love this!

Im always telling my friends to cut the i pad crap and just use their imaginations. They're always telling me that imagination is for kids. What? You should Never stop using your imagination! if your bored, just create a storyline of characters in your head, and create your own cartoon series! You can listen to music for free (i have a technique where i listen to a song like, ten times and record it in my head). Best of all, its a good work out for your mind. Its actually healthy for you! Yes, instead of turning your brain into a pile of crap with electronics, give it a purpose with your imagination! Just dont go crazy.


... I LOVED it!
So fcking awesum.


Its funny because its true.

Weird, innit?

It's an anti-technology animation urging people to use their imagination. How did the artist accomplish this? By making a mish-mash of Apple ads and Powerthirst and using technology to make/distribute it.

Good evening :D

I'm use my imagination and turn this 9 into 9000! Seriously, I order how many songs for 99 cents each then I don't even listen to them after a week :( Freak it, I'mma do the old fashion way and listen to them in my head 8D I know some people that think using your imagination is for children or the paranoid...It's brainwashing I tell you...BRAINWASHING
I love your flash, good luck on future projects!