Reviews for "Use Your iMagination!"

lol so true, but you need iimagination to write stories and create most random things in the world. like a cat godzilla eating a cheese city full of phones. lol side affects are crazy

I like this alot.

you hav a good point

Warning: Over use of the iMagination may cause irreversible damage to the brain and or your entire head. Do Not try to share your iMagination with anyone because they will think your insane and stop talking to you

BTW its pretty ironic that this was made using a computer and hours of work on a computer program o-o

Haha XD

When it comes down to me, it's kind of preaching to the choir (novelist here) but it's an excellent point. People are beginning to forget how to create, only to consume.

you can do ANYTHING!!

actually made me remember that i do have an imagination. Hilarious flash, keep it coming.