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Reviews for "War for Awesometron"

The green autobot sounded like dane cook

and like everyone else it isnt the best of his work but he said he barely had time to work on this so i didnt expect it to be the funniest


People were probably just expecting more, which is why alot don't seem to like it.

Looking from the perspective that its just a short flash about two guys bantering, I liked it, it had some random and funny stuff in it.

Nice work.

Egoraptor responds:

thanks man


cool but i give it a 9/10

wha thee ..............................

o god egoperator what could you do ?
i dont write mi new review form but this thing does not deserve it
only five for the good jokes not more


The Ego brings us another funny one. This one was rather low-scale compared to earlier ones, but still entertaining. Kudos, ER.