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Reviews for "War for Awesometron"

I liked it.

It was okay. I think that if you did some "gameplay" it would've been better. Still like the banter though.


I'm not sure why people don't find this flash funny, I mean your flashes have a unique humor to them and that to me is what this flash portrayed, YOUR style of comedy, which I Find hilarious. Anyone who says this wasn't funny but likes your other flashes is a fantard who only likes your flashes due to their popularity and not their actual humor. I for one enjoy your humor and found this to be quite funny. Awesome job dude!

not one of ur best

but i still love your work, u shouldve tried to parody the campaign at least, the things they say to each other are kinda stupid, easily able to write a parody about lol

It's good

But why are you working on this and not Girlchan in Paradise?!?!?!?!! I NEEDZ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!javascript:submission _controller.GetReviewController().Sav eReview();

good job

i didn't really laugh but i still enjoyed it