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Reviews for "War for Awesometron"

Funny up to the ad thing.

Other than that ad thing, This was very funny.

Ummm, Funny?

I guess? Did this get front page just because Egoraptor made it?



I can't believe the words I'm about to type but...

This is the first flash I've watched made by ego that I HAVEN'T LAUGHED.

I'm sorry ego, but you didn't get ANYTHING out of me. I'm usually ROFLMAOing all over the place but...nothing.

I'm...I'm DISSAPOINTED!!! T_T -tf man

pretty *giggles* Awesome!

That was pretty good but you should be spending your time aking more girlchan. My friends and I quote that shit all the time.


You are the fucking best. I should probably write a real review, but, eh, I want to go watch all the Awesome movies again. Last part, (REAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE), was fcking hilarious. (I love random stuff, and that was absolutely perfect.)
And, funny how they almost seemed like they could be friends or something x) They're like buddies just bullshitting each other.
10000000/10 of course