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Reviews for "War for Awesometron"


The gameplay footage is pretty accurate.

Pretty good.

This was pretty good, and I'm glad that you finally put something new up on Newgrounds. Of course it isn't some huge comic story, so anyone expecting it to be Jesus in a flash should really tone down their expectations.

All in all, this is pretty well done. The banter was funny, and at the end I the thrown together-ness of it all fit quite well.

P.S. - Egoraptor is a fairly, if not highly, famous person, FightForSushi. That you haven't at least heard of the Awesome series is quite astonishing to me.

Oh, and to smaertens, I found that line fairly amusing.


I've probably watched this 5 times.

I adore the voice acting, and no matter how many times I see it it doesn't seem to get any less funny. This is the first I've seen from you, and I def want to see more!

That sums up this game quite good

it's like one massive cluster fuck!


ur sorta at the point of fame where anything u post is automatically on the front page